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What is World Building?

World building is exactly what it sounds like – the process of building your own imaginary world.

World building is an important skill for all manga writers and storytellers in general. Effective world building gives context to your story and will often include the creation of different races, beasts, geography, custom languages, and much more.

The methods of world building are “inside-out” and “outside-in”. When building your world starting from the “inside”, you start from your story’s local settings and work your way across the lands as far as you need to go. Conversely, starting from the “outside” would involve the creation of the planet or even universe as your starting point as you build inward towards the local setting.

Some fictional worlds will have different systems of power called Power Systems. Power systems can be magic or any means of strength that is used in your world. These systems will often have different levels that can grow over time and experience.

Essentially, to world build is to take your setting and enhance it with the fine details.

Note: If you are a mangaka or comic artist, you might want to check out our manga workbook that includes additional information to help you along your journey. The link is below!


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