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Enrollment opens Spring 2024

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Colorful Pens

Illustration Program

(Spring 2024) Apply January 1-15

Our manga drawing programs are 4-12 weeks and on campus. 

Some curriculum topics include:

- Perspective

- Shape

- Volume

- Anatomy

- and much more

Image by Sarath P Raj

Animation Program

(Fall 2024)

Our manga program includes all the necessary hardware and software for students to learn animation from the very basics (students are free to bring their own). As all programs, this will be instructor led and on campus. 

Image by Jacek Dylag

Voice Acting Program

(Spring 2025)

The voice acting program at The Anime Institute of Texas is designed to prepare students for future gigs in the anime dubbing industry. Each program will include a demo for students to keep along with the certificate of completion. 

Cosplay Program

(Summer 2024)

Interested in learning how to cosplay or taking your cosplays to the next level?

Our cosplay programs are 4-12 weeks and on campus. Interact with local cosplayers and get instructor led guidance as well as a certificate upon completion.

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